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I'm a single mom trying to make ends meet and sometimes it can be quite a struggle when an emergency arises. I'm so thankful to Big Car Title Loans Pomona for being there when I need them! The whole process is so simple and painless. They never let me down!
Michelle S., 3-2-16

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Big Car Title Loans Pomona Offer The Best Solutions During a Financial Crisis

Being short of money can land you in trouble when a crisis demands instant funding. It is not always easy to obtain the money you need because many lenders are very demanding when it comes to a persons credit history. Banks are known for ignoring customers in need who have a poor credit history.  Big Car Title Loans offers a solution that is quick and easy, toning down the harsh rules of conventional loans and never making credit history a top deciding factor.


Car title loans have made it easier for many customers to seek quick money without having to work their way through mountains of paperwork and procedures.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    • You will need to bring proof of residence, and a valid driver’s license to get started. We have to be able to prove that you are over 18 years of age and reside in the state of California.
    • Your car must be registered in your name only, and there shouldn’t be any loans or liens against the title. This step alone makes you instantly eligible for a car title loan.
    • You will need to bring proof of income, either two current pay stubs or your monthly bank statement so show that you have a steady stream of income. Your income should be at least $1200 per month to be approved. All sources of income are taken into consideration.

Big Car Title Loans Pomona has mastered the art of offering the quickest and easiest loans in the market. First of all, with a vehicle title loan, the only form of collateral is the car, nothing else is needed for approval. An experienced technician will assess the current value of the client’s vehicle and many times a person can be approved for up to 70% of their vehicle’s collateral value.

Also, the interest rates are very competitive at around 30% APR. These lower rates make title loans much more affordable compared to the three digit rates levied by payday lenders.

We also make it possible for any client to prepay the entire loan at any time without being charged any additional fees or penalties. This means you can free yourself of the loan at any time you would like.

If you have found yourself in a financial bind, let Big Car Title Loans Pomona help you get it under control. Contact us today to learn more and start the title loan application process. You could have the cash you need in as little as 24 hours.

1. Apply Online or Call

Simply call us at (909) 726-5989 or you can apply online in just a few minutes. Our title loan reps will be in touch.

2. Documentation

Submit the required documents, such as a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and income, as well as your vehicle title.

3. Receive Your Money

The entire process is quick and in most cases you will be approved with money in hand in as little as 24 hours. We will be able to direct deposit the money straight into your bank account (most popular) or you can pick up a check from our office.
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