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Simply call us at (909) 726-5989 or you can apply online in just a few minutes. Our title loan reps will be in touch.

2. Documentation

Submit the required documents, such as a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and income, as well as your vehicle title.

3. Receive Your Money

The entire process is quick and in most cases you will be approved with money in hand in as little as 24 hours. We will be able to direct deposit the money straight into your bank account (most popular) or you can pick up a check from our office.


Have Peace of Mind - Choose Big Car Title Loans Pomona

What could be more disheartening than a loan request turned down by the bank? Particularly when you have a financial issue you need to take care of right away?  Big Car Title Loans Pomona comes to the rescue when you least expect it, and the help comes pretty fast and accurately with cash paid up front with minimum hassle.

Compared to many other loan companies flooding the market, Big Car Title Loans Pomona doesn’t promise the world, only to let you down.  Our auto title loans deliver cash in the fastest time frame in the industry.

big car title loans pomona caThe amazing thing about Big Car Title Loans Pomona is that your car title is used as collateral for the loan and you get to continue driving your vehicle as usual. The lender will hold your title for the duration of the loan, not your vehicle.

One of the biggest drawbacks of bank loans is the time-consuming paperwork and the time lost in deciding the fate of the loan. Applicants find themselves waiting endlessly while banks approve or reject the loan. In the meantime many people will miss deadlines for financial obligations and could find themselves in big trouble. With Big Car Title Loans Pomona you know if you're eligible right away. It takes less than 24 hours to know if you've been approved and have the cash in your hands.

With interest rates touching a low of 25 % APR, Big Car Title Loans Pomona makes auto title loans affordable to the average citizen, making it so that you do not need to rely on payday loans which have gouging interest rates. This makes it easier for borrowers to repay their loans in a timely fashion.

Example Pomona Title Loan Amounts

YearMakeModelTrimTypical Loan Amounts
YearMakeModelTrimTypical Loan Amounts
2008GMCAcadiaSLE Sport Utility 4D$11,000
2009HondaAccord LX Sedan 4D$9,000
2010HUMMERH3Sport Utility 4D$17,000
2011HyundaiAccentGLS Sedan 4D$5,500

Customers Know Big Car Title Loans Pomona is the Best Option Around

  • The beauty of an auto title loan strategy is that the loan payment is smaller and much more manageable than with other type of loans. We will work with you to make sure your pay-back plan meets your unique needs.  This minimizes the chances of defaulting.
    big car title loans pomona ca
  • You can pay off your loan at any time before your loan period is up without any fees or penalties.
  • Your home and salary income are always protected because Big Car Title Loans Pomona never touches them. Instead your car is the collateral that secures the loan.

If you happen to be facing an emergency situation and need money quickly, contact us at (909) 726-5989 or you can fill out the form here on our website and one of our Pomona auto title loan professionals will get back with you shortly. If you're in the area you can also stop by our location and speak with our friendly title loan representatives.  We look forward to helping you!

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